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Transylvania University | Admission

Everything you need to know to apply to Transylvania University

      Schedule a Saturday Campus Visit

      Campus Visit Experience

      We are delighted that you plan to visit Transy! Pictures can show you our beautiful campus, but they only tell part of the story. Visiting is the only way to get a true feel for the spirit of our campus.

      The Saturday campus visit experience includes:

      • 90-minute walking tour of academic and residential campus (including residence hall) with a current student,
      • 30-minute admissions presentation with an admissions counselor, and
      • personalized Transylvania bag featuring brochures, a special visit t-shirt and lanyard

      We request a minimum of 48 hours notice of your intended date to visit to prepare your schedule. 


      Register for a Saturday Campus Visit

      ✔️ Step 1:

      Select Your Date & Time

      When you begin to schedule your visit, you will be presented with a calendar where you can select a date and time for your visit. All currently available visits are labelled in green.

      All visit times are Eastern Time. Visits are first-come, first-served basis and no exceptions outside of these tour times can be made.

      ✔️ Step 2:

      Prepare for Your Arrival

      You will receive the following information prior to your visit via email and text. We recommend reading this information the day prior to your arrival so you can be fully prepared to have a wonderful visit experience on our campus!

      Campus Masking

      All individuals have the option to mask while on campus, but masking is not a requirement.

      Your visit will begin at the Glenn Welcome Center. Visitor parking on campus is available at Old Morrison horseshoe parking located on our campus map.

      We recommend utilizing Google Map directions to 206 W. Third Street, the entrance to the parking circle.

      Please note, all visits are Eastern Time. If you are traveling from a different timezone, make sure you plan to arrive for your scheduled visit based on the Eastern Time Zone.  

      No need to arrive early! We only ask visitors to arrive approximately 5 minutes prior to the arrival time.    

      We highly recommend you check the weather forecast in Lexington in advance of your visit and wear comfortable walking shoes and clothing. You may need to bring items such as a raincoat or umbrella.

      🌤️ 10-Day Forecast for Lexington, Ky.

      ✔️Step 3: 

      Register Now!

      Click your preferred date on the calendar.

      Have questions? Email us at or call (859) 233-8242.

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        Not Scheduled

        ✔️ If you cannot attend...


        We request a minimum of 24 hours notice if you plan to cancel your intended visit. 

        If you are unable to attend a scheduled visit, please contact the office and notify our staff of your change of plans.

        You can contact the campus visit team by emailing or by calling (859) 233-8242.

          ✔️ If you prefer virtual...

          Other Campus Visit Options

          We are providing several campus visit alternatives during this time:

          • Self-Guided Campus Tour - A GPS-guided mobile-only tour is available off-hours for your enjoyment! The tour features locations visited on a traditional campus tour. You can start your walking tour by visiting the front doors of the Glenn Welcome Center.
          • Virtual Interactive Map - Explore your way around campus using our interactive map. You'll be able to click around  various buildings, as well as view photos and videos at each location.
          • Video Campus Tour - Follow three tour guides through our academic and residential side of campus. The great part? See what you want and skip what you don't! You can craft the tour specifically to your wants and needs.