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Transylvania University | Admission

Everything you need to know to apply to Transylvania University

      Admissions Sessions for Admitted Students

      As a Fall 2021 admitted student, do you have questions you need answered to help you make your college decision? Our admissions counseling team is here for you! We'd love to schedule a time to discuss your questions and see how we can help you.

      (If you are not a Fall 2021 admitted student, click here to schedule an admissions session.)

      Here's how to start:
      • Step 1: Find Your Counselor. To schedule an admissions session, you must first know which counselor is assigned to you. Our counselors are distributed by geographic location and high school. Use the link to find your assigned counselor's name. If you know who your counselor is, then feel free to move on to the next step.
      • Step 2: Select a Date and Time on the calendar below offered by your Counselor. Each counselor has specific dates, times and lengths of times (15 or 30-minute sessions) available to chat with admitted students. Make sure you select one for your assigned admissions counselor. All times are Eastern Daylight Time (EDT).
      • Step 3: Complete the Admissions Session form. Please make to use the email address that you submitted on your admissions application and complete the form in its entirety.
      If your availability changes and you would like to reschedule or you need another date or time, please reach out to your counselor by email or phone.
      Unavailable / Filled
      Not Scheduled